decimal fraction

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decimal fraction

(Mathematics) another name for decimal1

dec′imal frac`tion

a fraction whose denominator is some power of 10, usu. indicated by a dot (dec′imal point` or point) written before the numerator: as 0.4 =4/10; 0.126 =126/1000.

decimal fraction

A number, such as 0.57, written in decimal notation and having only a zero to the left of the decimal point.
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Noun1.decimal fraction - a proper fraction whose denominator is a power of 10decimal fraction - a proper fraction whose denominator is a power of 10
proper fraction - a fraction with a numerator smaller than the denominator
circulating decimal, recurring decimal, repeating decimal - a decimal with a sequence of digits that repeats itself indefinitely
كَسْر عُشْري
desetinný zlomek
tizedes tört
desatinný zlomok
ondalık kesir


(ˈdesiməl) adjective
numbered by tens. the decimal system.
a decimal fraction. Convert these fractions to decimals.
ˈdecimalize, ˈdecimalise verb
to convert from a non-decimal to a decimal form.
ˌdecimaliˈzation, ˌdecimaliˈsation noun
decimal currency
a system of money in which each coin or note is either a tenth of or ten times another in value.
decimal fraction
a fraction expressed as so many tenths, hundredths, thousandths etc and written with a decimal point, like this. 0.1 (= 1/10), 2.33 (= 233/100).
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Diagnosing misconceptions: Revealing changing decimal fraction knowledge.
John Herschei popularized the counting of days using this method in 1849, and Pierre Simon Laplace was the first to express the time of day as a decimal fraction.
To determine this, the percent (aka the Rate) is first reduced to a decimal fraction.
A 1-0 or 2-1 defeat to South Africa would see the victors go level on points with England, but above them by a decimal fraction.
2% nameplate (full load) efficiency; and L is the motor load as a decimal fraction of motor nameplate horsepower.
What is unusual about the decimal fraction of the geometrical ratio pi?
When referring to small arms, caliber is the measure of the weapon's bore, expressed as a decimal fraction of an inch.
Instead of writing a fraction, a point (x) called a decimal point is used to indicate a decimal fraction.
5% span length in AH(67)M as indicated by its significant decimal fraction >1.
A comparison of the results from item #s 6 & 8 seems to imply that decimal fraction computation is easier than common fraction computation.
One of the main problems will be one of rounding down values of the EMU when expressed as a decimal fraction.
With digital numeric presentation, the UT equipment converts the "flight time" of the ultrasonic pulse from the transducer until it is received back at the transducer and displays this "flight time" in a whole or decimal fraction representing material thickness.