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Noun1.decimalisation - the act of changing to a decimal system; "the decimalization of British currency"
change - the action of changing something; "the change of government had no impact on the economy"; "his change on abortion cost him the election"
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تَحْويل إلى عُشْري
umbreyting yfir í tugakerfi


(ˈdesiməl) adjective
numbered by tens. the decimal system.
a decimal fraction. Convert these fractions to decimals.
ˈdecimalize, ˈdecimalise verb
to convert from a non-decimal to a decimal form.
ˌdecimaliˈzation, ˌdecimaliˈsation noun
decimal currency
a system of money in which each coin or note is either a tenth of or ten times another in value.
decimal fraction
a fraction expressed as so many tenths, hundredths, thousandths etc and written with a decimal point, like this. 0.1 (= 1/10), 2.33 (= 233/100).
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But if you are really lucky you can recall quite a number of things such as decimalisation.
MICK and Angie Mellor responded to the piece I wrote about the rich variety of silver coins we enjoyed before decimalisation in 1971.
From the prices of the ride we can safely say that this was after the decimalisation of our currency in 1971, and probably in the early 1970s.
With decimalisation on the way, much of the work of the Mint was switched to a new site at Llantrisant, on the edge of the Rhonda Valley, Wales, in 1968.
The first task at Llantrisant was to create a stockpile of the new decimal bronze coins in preparation for decimalisation day in 1971.
| 1971: The British penny and the threepenny piece coins ceased to be legal tender as decimalisation continued.
Of course, we will get the same garbled gobbledygook that we had during the decimalisation, when overnight we lost 40 pence in the pound and out came the rubbish that some companies would round down whereas others would round up.
Decimalisation in 1971 brought the introduction of "new money".
That was the first Teesside triumph at Forest in 16 years and only the second since decimalisation.
It was 45 years ago on Monday that decimalisation came in and the nation's beloved pounds, shilling and pence were finally prised from the grasp of the British public.
Perhaps he could also be told about decimalisation. I wonder why he still quotes prices as 100-9, 100-8, etc - even the distances of some races are now being trialled in metres.