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He believed that the general practitioner who attended the family, and had called him in when the case grew serious, had treated Henrietta unskilfully, but professional etiquette bound him so strongly that, sooner than betray his colleague's inefficiency, he would have allowed him to decimate London.
What is it to decimate? I ask because of a headline on the letters' page of the Daily Nation on July 31.
''I am sure you are aware of the collaboration of the Armed Forces of Nigeria, Republic of Cameroun, Niger, Benin and Chad in a multinational operation to decimate Boko Haram terrorists in the Lake Chad Basin and other regions.
RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said: "The ballot result showed just how angry Tube staff are at proposals London Underground (LU) are attempting to bulldoze through that would decimate the inspection and safety culture on the fleet.
It must not be contemplated." The group ould o warned a no-deal scenario would crush the farming base, destroy family businesses within weeks and decimate investment.
While this goes on, the Government pursues its project to decimate the public sector - austerity.
What we should be equally concerned about is the real possibility of a terrorist organisation being supplied with a portable crude nuclear device or indeed deadly chemical bombs to decimate western cities without directly involving North Korea.
The chief executive of one of Britain's biggest food and drink businesses has warned that a vote to leave the EU could "decimate the British food industry".
WE LOVE GAME SHOWS DECIMATE (BBC1, 3pm) A MASSIVE golden wall is all that stands between the contestants and PS20,000 in this new game show hosted by Shane Richie.
DECIMATE BBC1 3pm NEW SERIES EastEnders' Alfie Moon, Shane Richie (left) is now turning his hand once again to what really launched his TV career - quiz shows.
* 2 independent decimate by 8 or decimate by 16 filters with 10-bit NCOs.