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Noun1.decision making - the cognitive process of reaching a decision; "a good executive must be good at decision making"
officiating, officiation, refereeing, umpirage - the act of umpiring; "the officiating was excellent"
higher cognitive process - cognitive processes that presuppose the availability of knowledge and put it to use
determination - deciding or controlling something's outcome or nature; "the determination of grammatical inflections"
eclectic method, eclecticism - making decisions on the basis of what seems best instead of following some single doctrine or style
groupthink - decision making by a group (especially in a manner that discourages creativity or individual responsibility)
closure, resolution, settlement - something settled or resolved; the outcome of decision making; "they finally reached a settlement with the union"; "they never did achieve a final resolution of their differences"; "he needed to grieve before he could achieve a sense of closure"
judging, judgement, judgment - the cognitive process of reaching a decision or drawing conclusions
change of mind, flip-flop, turnabout, turnaround, reversal - a decision to reverse an earlier decision
choice, pick, selection - the person or thing chosen or selected; "he was my pick for mayor"
cull, reject - the person or thing that is rejected or set aside as inferior in quality
alternative, option, choice - one of a number of things from which only one can be chosen; "what option did I have?"; "there no other alternative"; "my only choice is to refuse"
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Visual Decision Making Is Only as Accurate as the Underlying Product Data and Information
The main results are as follows: 1--Information based and concept based group Perception affect on their judgments, 2--Information based and concept based groups' Perception doesn't affect on their decisions significantly, 3--information based group judgment affects on their final decision, 4--process of information based and concept based decision making is not the same, 5--information based group decide more accurately, 6--concept based group assesses financial ratios more positively [12].
Makoul and Clayman heroically slogged through the literature and concluded that "there is no shared definition of shared decision making.
Abstract: In crises situations there is a little time and information available for detailed analyses so managers have to make decisions based on paradigms that differ from traditional rational decision making models.
From vocational decision making to career building: Blueprint, Real Games, and school counseling.
Although much attention has been given to the importance of choice and decision making in the rehabilitation counseling literature, there is a gap in the area of identification of the decision making style of consumers in the counseling relationship.
As part of a larger exploration of four school districts, this single case analyzes teachers' perceptions about the hierarchical or collaborative nature of decision making in their district and how this perception is related to their beliefs about who has influence over decision making.
While it is true that affective conflict can get in the way of good decision making, I try to increase the amount of cognitive conflict in my organization because that is a good way to get different points of view expressed and good decisions made.
In more contemporary terminology, this involves the process of career decision making (e.
Crupi, asserts that acquisition professionals who have developed psychological and cultural preferences for ORSA-style decision making may be blinded to other decision-making rubrics and the valuable insights that can be derived from them.
For them, Sarbanes-Oxley improved decision making, provided process efficiencies and instilled greater confidence in financial reporting.