decisive factor

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Noun1.decisive factor - a point or fact or remark that settles something conclusively
causal factor, determinant, determining factor, determinative, determiner - a determining or causal element or factor; "education is an important determinant of one's outlook on life"
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South Bradford had given their all in reaching Branshaw with nail-biting play-off victories in both quarter and semi-finals, but on the day the experience of Huddersfield proved to be the decisive factor - they have now won the trophy in five out of the past six seasons.
With oversupply a decisive factor in determining freight rates, the demolition market for older vessels is proving to be a major factor towards the future prospects of the shipping industry.
Branko Geroski criticizes in Sloboden pecat the ongoing attempt of the ruling party to present that special public prosecutor is allegedly incompetent for her position, due to her lack of public performances and clumsiness before the audience, which isn't a decisive factor that determines her competence.
Of course most people will be rightly happy scientific evidence is a decisive factor in dictating policy on something like the safety of donated blood as opposed to prejudice.
But for commercial growers, quantity and uniformity remain the decisive factor.
Summary: As the world economy learns to adapt to modern terrorism exemplified by ISIS, stability in the Middle Eastern region becomes a decisive factor that decides whether a nation can become economically prosperous or not.
He said that governments are not formed through mere slogans but through elections and 2018 elections would be decisive factor who comes into power or not.
While new and larger cable-laying vessels are being deployed on the offshore renewable scene, we still believe that a decisive factor to accomplish successfully is the years of experience and extensive knowledge that we can offer within installation and burial of inter-array cables.
Party loyalty should not be a decisive factor in this debate.
He noted that the study of the Armenian Genocide was a decisive factor for Lemkin in choosing his occupation.
TUNIS (TAP) - The Executive Board of Nid Tounes party welcomed "the popular peaceful protests" that back the claims of the National Salvation Front, stressing its "pride" of these movements which "are a national gain and a decisive factor to spare the country dangers awaiting it.
Gea's efficient use of energy, air pollution control, waste management and noise reduction were a decisive factor, the group said.