deck of cards

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Noun1.deck of cards - a pack of 52 playing cardsdeck of cards - a pack of 52 playing cards    
playing card - one of a pack of cards that are used to play card games
queen - one of four face cards in a deck bearing a picture of a queen
suit - playing card in any of four sets of 13 cards in a pack; each set has its own symbol and color; "a flush is five cards in the same suit"; "in bridge you must follow suit"; "what suit is trumps?"
pack - a complete collection of similar things
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We called for a deck of cards and sat down at a table and played euchre for an hour, in which time Louis treated once, and I treated once, to beer--the cheapest drink, ten cents for two.
And after that was attended to, she drew up a chair to the rickety table, and told her fortune with an old deck of cards.
The king got out an old ratty deck of cards after breakfast, and him and the duke played seven-up a while, five cents a game.
Now that we can shuffle the genomic deck, it will allow us to ask, can we make a deck of cards with a better hand for making yeast survive under any of a multitude of conditions, such as tolerating higher alcohol levels.
The deck of cards is a limited edition and is available for sale at the Journal office for $5 per deck.
Quicker reaction time: As fast as you can, sort a full deck of cards into four piles by suit.
Memorize a deck of cards in less than one minute, 30 seconds.
At about the size of a deck of cards (approximately 2 x 1 x 3 inches), the AXIS 207 is the world's smallest MPEG-4 network camera.
95) presents an unusual deck of cards format which provides a self-guided walking adventure with a map on one side and insider details on the other.
A Squiggle stage, with one direction of movement, is smaller than a deck of cards.
Axis Communications of Chelmsford, Massachusetts, is offering a high-performance network camera with a built-in Web server that is about the size of a deck of cards (3.
Palm trees, olives and grapes traipse across the bowls of stems from Peking Handicraft, and symbols from a deck of cards add a cigar-smoking, poker-playing feel to barware from Home Essentials.