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Adj.1.deckled - having a rough edge; used of handmade paper or paper resembling handmade
bordered - having a border especially of a specified kind; sometimes used as a combining term; "black-bordered handkerchief"
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The deckled (rough or torn paper) edges are especially effective in depicting frothy waves.
A comparison of the original die width to the internally and externally deckled dies is carried out by evaluating the flow characteristics such as velocity uniformity at the die exit and Residence Time Distribution (RTD) in the die flow channel.
I woke, and sank back, and you were lying on a desk, like a fancy deckled scalloped stationery envelope, and a letter was being pulled out, and put back and pulled out like those tabs in children's pop-up books, and the letter said isthmus , infundibulum, fimbria.
On the third day of that first hunt we deckled to hunt a section of the upper Smith Riverihat evening we spotted a good bull standing on a small island.
The finely-laid paper, of cream-colored stock, was heavily deckled, and the pages were left uncut.
Something like this here is very nice, very classic," he said, producing his veteran-of-the trade expression--lower lip slightly protruding, eyebrows raised--and fingering one of the invitations she laid before him: a mid-weight ecru stock with deckled edge and charcoal engraving.
Beyond the angles, coved walls and deckled roofs, arched doorways and
With each gift sent back, I wrote a different note on differently deckled notepaper but always to the effect that there were people bluntly evident to themselves in even their queerest of dreams, and there were people like us, who had to keep feeling ourselves out, looking for hints in all we had done, even when all we had done was discover that others had liked having us around only because our presence deepened their sense of having a place all to themselves.
Subaru UK supplied a fully deckled Subaru Impreza police vehicle for the event.
9) was carefully pieced together and also mended at the top with an integration of paper, and new outlines in pen and ink, all done most probably by its earliest owner, the collector Pierre-Jean Mariette (1694-1774), who skillfully restored drawings, and who moistened here the deckled fibres of the new paper in the upper border to blend it seamlessly with the original.
Above the fire I could see the mirror with a deckled edge decorated with a frosted crinoline lady.
I have seen all the art processes over the years, but seeing the processes you don't usually get to see was interesting--like coating a giclee, using the drying racks for serigraphs, watching a master create deckled edges and seeing how an artist decides where enhancing will go on his/her print.