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One who makes or signs a statement that declares that the information given is true.
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(Law) chiefly law a person who makes a declaration
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(dɪˈklɛər ənt)

1. a person who declares or makes a declaration or statement.
2. Law. an alien who has formally declared before a court of record the intention of becoming a U.S. citizen.
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Federal courts, in particular, limit the forfeiture doctrine to those instances in which the defendant's wrongdoing "was intended to, and did, procure the unavailability of the declarant as a witness." (112) As has been noted, Subdivision 1390(a) does not include this limitation.
State Courts' Reasons for Ignoring the Declarant's Perspective
The Finance Ministry also reiterated that the declarants were protected against any harassment and there was complete confidentiality of declarant's information.
Vide explanation, it has been clarified that in case of declaring remits payment of tax or repatriation or cash to State Bank of Pakistan by July 31 this year, such payments and declarations shall be treated as valid if the declarant has filed draft declaration, created PSID and has provided evidence to SBP that the payment was remitted on or before July 31, 2018.
On appeal, the Conways pursue two claims the circuit court rejected on summary judgment: (1) the authority of the declarant and the Lake Park Condominium Association, Inc.
The court ultimately concluded the Confrontation Clause was not applicable because the defendant was himself the declarant of the translated statements.
Prior to Crawford, a prosecutor could admit hearsay evidence against a defendant, without ever putting the declarant on the stand, so long as that evidence either fell "within a firmly rooted hearsay exception or [bore] particularized guarantees of trustworthiness." In overturning Crawford's conviction, the Supreme Court breathed new life into the Constitution's guarantee that every defendant shall have the right to confront the witnesses against him.
Under the Revised Penal Code, Perjury is committed when the declarant omits to declare material information that is required of him under oath.
Danny Welbeck, deja absent six mois apres une operation au genou gauche, est sorti blesse au genou droit dimanche dernier lors du match au sommet de Premier League Manchester City-Arsenal, son entraineur Arsene Wenger se declarant [beaucoup moins que] ennuye [beaucoup plus grand que] pour l'attaquant anglais en vue de l'Euro-2016.
Wajdi a dit Soudan import intrants de production de fer chaque annee de plus de 300 millions de dollars en declarant que pour l'industrie du fer concentration doit etre plus de 60% tandis que la quantite de petrole brut doit etre plus grand de 10 millions tonnes d'etablir une usine d'une capacite de 500 mille tonnes par an.
Reiterant la position de son parti de choisir des listes qui defendent les seules couleurs de Nid , il a nuance son propos en declarant que ces listes resteront ouvertes aux membres des partis formant l'Union pour la Tunisie (UPT), inscrivant cette option dans un souci de ne pas reproduire les erreurs d'octobre 2011: Nous sommes favorables au rassemblement des forces democratiques pour ne pas reproduire les erreurs des elections du 23 octobre 2011', a-t-il soutenu.
Le declarant est tenu de fournir tous les documents et attestations necessaires, qu'il s'agisse d'avoirs liquides, de biens immeubles ou d'actifs financiers.

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