declarative mood

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Noun1.declarative mood - a mood (grammatically unmarked) that represents the act or state as an objective fact
modality, mood, mode - verb inflections that express how the action or state is conceived by the speaker
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Polar interrogation is expressed as part of verbal morphology in Purepecha (4), where the interrogative mood suffix -ki replaces the declarative mood suffix -ti.
Wilson and Sperber take as illocutionary indicators the imperative and interrogative mood (and presumably the declarative mood as well although they do not include it), along with the English question particle eh and the dissociative particle huh.
Their further shift from "Be the Furrow" to "We Are the Furrow" (298), with its replacement of the imperative by the declarative mood, implies that they are indeed engaging in this participation, that they are explicitly joining with each other, with the othe r participants in the novel, and with the cosmos in a mutually ongoing process of creativity.