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 (dĭ-klâr′ə-tĭv, -klăr′-)
1. Serving to declare or state.
2. Of, relating to, or being an element or construction used to make a statement: a declarative sentence.
A sentence or expression that makes a statement.

de·clar′a·tive·ly adv.
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BESA only declaratively engages in reforms, while, in fact, hinders the processes", criticized Grubi from the press-centre of the Parliament.
Recently cultural anthropologists have begun to practice multispecies ethnography, decentering their own declaratively anthropocentric discipline by reimagining, in Anna Tsing's words, "human nature [as] an interspecies relationship" (2012, 144).
61) The statute's semantic structure reads declaratively, with its first provision ostensibly not proscribing any specific criminal act but instead categorically asserting that a person living with AIDS or who is HIV positive "is infectious to another person through the exchange of a body fluid during sexual intercourse and through the parenteral transfer of blood or a blood product and under these circumstances is a danger to the public.
The annual turnover of the tenderer will be responsible for declaratively or through its annual accounts approved and deposited in the register, if the entrepreneur is registered when registering, and otherwise by the deposited in the official register in which must be registered.
With such expressive languages, ASP can be used to declaratively represent knowledge (for example, mathematical models of problems, behaviour of dynamic systems, beliefs and actions of agents) and solve combinatorial search problems (for example, planning, diagnosis, phylogeny reconstruction) and knowledge-intensive problems (for example, query answering, explanation generation).
In our opinion, the subjective factor - is the political will of the leadership of any country to move to a path of sustainable development in fact, not declaratively.
The first overt example in Lassnig's work dates to 1963; it is a seemingly anomalous picture, simply and declaratively titled Science Fiction Painting.
The opposition is declaratively supporting the Diaspora's right to vote but insists that its lawmakers be elected with at least 80 percent of the votes required for electing a Member of Parliament at home.
Though in the current study we are unable to declaratively conclude how the probable compensatory activity of the lateral trunk flexors of the less affected side augments walking, we postulate that this process may be a compensatory mechanism for enhanced advancement of the more-affected limb during swing phase and/or additional whole core stabilization due to weakness of the lateral trunk flexors of the more-affected side.
Ontology matching is the process of finding the relations between semantically related entities of different ontologies and "alignment" termed as the result of this process expressing these relations declaratively.
Hillyer (1985) defined an ES as 'a computer program to solve the difficult problems that a human expert solves' and a knowledge-based ES as 'an expert system that has the ability to solve its problems by virtue of explicit, declaratively represented knowledge of the problem domain, not just clever algorithms'.
A draft letter from Deputy Attorney General James Cole that Wagner had helped prepare prior to the meeting declaratively spelled out the government's opposition to commercial cannabis operations.