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So artfully can this people dissemble their sentiments that we had not been able hitherto to distinguish our real from our pretended favourers; but as soon as this Prince began to give evident tokens of his hatred, even in the lifetime of the Emperor, we saw all the courtiers and governors who had treated us with such a show of friendship declare against us, and persecute us as disturbers of the public tranquillity, who had come into Aethiopia with no other intention than to abolish the ancient laws and customs of the country, to sow divisions between father and son, and preach up a revolution.
"What some people sometimes declare against the KSA, whether intentional or not, does not reflect the true Lebanese position towards Saudi Arabia," Abou Faour affirmed.
A second first-class hundred from number seven, Michael Burgess, allowed Sussex to declare against Leicestershire, whose response was strong.