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Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) is organising the launch of a book titled 'Declassified: British Secret Documents, Diplomatic Communication Relating to Pakistan', compiled by Barrister Nasim Ahmad Bajwa, on Monday, Sept 2 at SDPI office, 4th floor, Taimur Chambers, Blue Area Time from 3-5pm.
In 2017, the Cabinet declassified the area from an Ancient monument schedule, to the surprise of the Department of Antiquities, which claimed that it was the first time that an area which was classified as an ancient monument is declassified while the excavations were still in progress.
Although the National Security Bureau holds files on these two high-profile cases, they were classified as "national secrets" and were not allowed to be declassified, according to the Transitional Justice Commission.
Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister's Department Jimmy Wong was among those who made the call for the report to be declassified.
WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump on Monday declassified a trove of documents related to the early days of the FBI's Russia investigation, including a portion of a secret surveillance warrant application and former FBI Director James Comey's text messages.
"Current CIA director Gina Haspel described graphic acts of deliberate physical torture including the waterboarding of a suspected Al-Qaeda terrorist under her supervision when she was chief of base at a CIA black site in Thailand in 2002, according to declassified CIA cables," the National Security Archive nonprofit group stated in a press release accompanying the documents posted on Friday, Sputnik reported.
The government said that about 1,720 square km (664 square miles), or 21 percent, of Virunga would be declassified.
The declassified footage of mushroom clouds was captured on film more than 50 years ago.
Ahead of the 50th anniversary of the Six Day War, the Israel State Archives, a unit within the Prime Minister's Office, has declassified and declassified and has made available material from the Six Day War.
Now, netizens can watch dozens of declassified nuclear tests on YouTube, thanks to nuclear weapon physicist Greg Spriggs from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and film expert Jim Moye.