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As a means of getting back at his opponents, Trump said he could declassify documents from Robert Mueller's probe, the public release of which was shelved on Presidential orders in September.
WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump on Friday walked back his order earlier this week to declassify information in the ongoing probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election, saying Justice Department officials and others had persuaded him not to declassify it for the time being.
WASHINGTON, Sept 21 (KUNA) -- President Donald Trump paused his plans to declassify documents related to the Russia probe after concerns were raised by the Justice Department.
Kinshasa has defended its right to declassify sections of the parks over the protests of environmental activists.
Additionally, A10's board of directors will submit for stockholder approval a proposal to declassify the board of directors at its 2018 annual meeting.
Juan Pablo Bondoc (Pampanga) moved to "declassify" the documents and testimonies during the executive session of the lower house.
If a review shows that a letter no longer needs to be classified, the review can declassify it.
Sources say culture minister Mahesh Sharma held a meeting on Thursday evening about the missing pages and whether it would be wise for the government to declassify the files in this form.
Obama's orders to declassify documents follow the release of records during the Clinton administration.
(NYSE: WAC) has approved an amendment to the company's charter that would declassify the board, allowing the entire board to stand for election annually, the company said.
WASHINGTON, Jumada II 09, 1437, March 18, 2016, SPA -- President Barack Obama is moving to declassify the first military and intelligence documents related to Argentina's "Dirty War," according to AP.