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tr.v. de·clawed, de·claw·ing, de·claws
1. To remove the claws from: declaw a cat.
2. To strip of power, potency, or strength; make harmless or less threatening.
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vb (tr)
(Veterinary Science) to remove the claws from (an animal or bird)
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to remove the claws from.
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Verb1.declaw - remove the claws from; "declaw a cat"
take off - take away or remove; "Take that weight off me!"
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Crackdown against recruiting agents; punishing employers; offering financial incentives to parents; and enrolling children to schools, a multi-facet approach needs to be applied to permanently declaw this problem from Pakistan's social fabric.
State veterinarians, who charge pet owners to declaw cats, have come out against a Rosenthal's bid to outlaw the procedure.
In other words, it's the House's latest attempt to declaw Obamacare.
Ultimately, the exhibition seeks not only to animate the monster that is history but to declaw the beast.
She's heard from distraught residents who were told to declaw their cats when a change in management occurred, as well as potential residents who were told apartment communities or Public Housing Authorities required declawing.
Lewis had terrorized Cisero's neighborhood for years, and when his antics led to a criminal charge, Cisero chose to go to court rather than euthanize or declaw him.
that it causes and declawing, it is more * It deprives the cat of an humane to declaw the cat important form of defense.
Soft Paws Nail Caps ($17.95, Smart Practice) Soft Paws Nail Caps are safe, adhesive claw caps for kitties that will keep your friend's furniture free from harm without her having to declaw or clip her cat's natural nails.
Declawing is usually performed only on indoor or well-protected cats that have little need to defend themselves, and it is normally necessary to declaw only the front feet.
I realize that this view may be controversial, and I wish that we never had to declaw any cats, but I also feel that my position is realistic and I hope you can appreciate that while you may not agree with me, I truly have the best interests of all of my feline friends in mind in formulating it.
I know some guides that don't declaw their crabs because they feel it keeps them more natural looking, but as often as I reach into a livewell blindly while keeping my eye on fish, I'm not willing to give the crabs a fighting chance.
"If we can declaw an analog [of thalidomide] so that it is nontoxic to the embryos, we will truly have a wonder drug," says Trent D.