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v. de·clined, de·clin·ing, de·clines
1. To express polite refusal: I wanted to invite them but I was afraid they would decline.
a. To slope downward; descend: The roof declines at a steep angle.
b. To bend downward; droop: boughs declining toward the ground.
3. To degrade or lower oneself; stoop: refused to decline to their level of behavior.
4. To deteriorate gradually; fail: His health has been declining for years.
a. To sink, as the setting sun.
b. To draw to a gradual close: We made our way home as the day declined.
1. To refuse politely: I declined their offer of help. See Synonyms at refuse1.
2. To cause to slope or bend downward.
3. Grammar To inflect (a noun, a pronoun, or an adjective) for number and case.
1. The process or result of declining, especially:
a. A gradual deterioration, as in numbers, activity, or quality: "overwhelming evidence that fish stocks ... are in decline" (Jonathan Bocknek).
b. A downward movement or fall, as in price.
c. A deterioration of health: the patient's rapid decline.
2. A downward slope; a declivity: the sharp decline of the dunes to the sea.

[Middle English declinen, from Old French decliner, from Latin dēclīnāre, to turn away, bend downward, change the form of a word : dē-, de- + -clīnāre, to lean, bend; see klei- in Indo-European roots.]

de·clin′a·ble adj.
de·clin′er n.


[dɪˈklaɪnəbl] ADJdeclinable


adj (Gram) → deklinierbar
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Ashcroft wrote: "After putting my neck on the line for nearly 10 years - b o t h as party treasurer under William Hague and as deputy chairman - and after ploughing some PS8m into the party, I regarded this as a declinable offer.
Propose a concept of declinable stand, adaptable according to the type of action (lounge or event), its size and its thematic and achieve according to the characteristics depending on the selected and partners present locations.
Casablanca - L'Office national des chemins de fer (ONCF) a prepare un plan d'action pour faire face a la grande affluence des voyageurs durant la saison estivale, qui prevoit un dispositif modulable et declinable en 4 plans de transport tenant compte chacun du niveau de trafic attendu en debut d'ete, le mois sacre de Ramadan, Aid Al Fitr, les grands depart et retour d'aout et septembre.