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v. de·clined, de·clin·ing, de·clines
1. To express polite refusal: I wanted to invite them but I was afraid they would decline.
a. To slope downward; descend: The roof declines at a steep angle.
b. To bend downward; droop: boughs declining toward the ground.
3. To degrade or lower oneself; stoop: refused to decline to their level of behavior.
4. To deteriorate gradually; fail: His health has been declining for years.
a. To sink, as the setting sun.
b. To draw to a gradual close: We made our way home as the day declined.
1. To refuse politely: I declined their offer of help. See Synonyms at refuse1.
2. To cause to slope or bend downward.
3. Grammar To inflect (a noun, a pronoun, or an adjective) for number and case.
1. The process or result of declining, especially:
a. A gradual deterioration, as in numbers, activity, or quality: "overwhelming evidence that fish stocks ... are in decline" (Jonathan Bocknek).
b. A downward movement or fall, as in price.
c. A deterioration of health: the patient's rapid decline.
2. A downward slope; a declivity: the sharp decline of the dunes to the sea.

[Middle English declinen, from Old French decliner, from Latin dēclīnāre, to turn away, bend downward, change the form of a word : dē-, de- + -clīnāre, to lean, bend; see klei- in Indo-European roots.]

de·clin′a·ble adj.
de·clin′er n.
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Outside the PSEi, one notable decliner was D and L, which lost 5.5 percent after second quarter results disappointed investors.
Stocks had been buoyed by a rash of firm earnings, but NASDAQ -0.7% is the leading decliner, followed by the S&P -0.5% and the Dow -0.2%.
Meanwhile, the only decliner is top five decliners : PCB by (-2.3%).
Invest Bank was the main gainer, its stock closing 7.14 per cent higher at Dh2.40, while CBI's stock was the day's top decliner, ending 8.62 per cent lower at Dh2.65.
Tourism sector was another significant decliner, falling 1.54 percent for the day.
Pfizer (NYSE:PFE), the biggest decliner of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, missed estimates this morning.  It is trading down 3.04 percent.
Centrex Corp., was the biggest decliner, down 61.33.
One notable decliner outside the PSEi was ISM, which went down by 2.12 percent.
Within the S&P, Salesforce +8.4%, Adobe +7.3% and Under Armour +6.6% are the top gainers, while Tiffany -10.8% (earnings miss), JM Smucker -7.3% and CME Group -3.3% are the deepest decliners. Within the Dow, Boeing +4.7%, CAT +4.1% (trade hopes) and UnitedHealth +4.1% were off to the races, while Verizon -1.2% is the deepest decliner, along with P&G -0.4% (defensive staples) and UT -0.4% (earnings).
Media and Publishing-- the key performing sector of previous couple of weeks -- became the biggest decliner of the day, down 268 points or 6.16 percent to close at 4,087.92.
Turning to the stock market, a look at pool and spa industry stocks shows both some big gainers and some big decliners. Mohawk Industries (+8.41) and Pentair (+5.28) were the leading gainers on NYSE, while the leading decliner was Centex Corp., at -11.68.