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The attitude or belief that a civilization or society, or a cultural, economic, or political institution within a civilization or society, is in long-term or permanent decline.

de·clin′ist adj. & n.
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a person who believes that something is in decline
relating to the belief that something is in decline
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But although I am no declinist regarding American economic, intellectual and military power, the country's soft power has certainly decreased, and its positive influence around the world has declined.
Summary: Taking advantage of American declinist and isolationist policies, the leaders of Turkey and Iran have hounded their political opponents, violated the cu...
It is not just declinist, devoid of principle, and battered by the daily demands of every vested interest group, but run by a mafia of professional politicians who control everything right down to what we may eat or drink.
Following the Cold War, the Pentagon's force-sizing construct has gradually become muddled and watered down at each iteration--from the aspirational objective of fighting two wars at once to the declinist "defeat-and-deny" approach--without enough substantive debate over the wisdom of the progressive abandonment of the two-war standard.
(70) Meanwhile, critical and declinist works of the Posner and Hopgood variety are fine throwing out the human rights project in favor of developmentalist or public health agendas.
The declinist view seemed to increase in popularity following the Great Recession and financial crisis.
For liberals, there's no single "right" category or principle that explains everything; there's also no overarching narrative, no set, predictable declinist or Utopian end for human beings or history.
(4) Press coverage and analysis in the Arab world tended to mirror the al-Qaeda declinist position espoused by Western analysts and officials.
It doesn't build to any cumulative insight, except an anxiety that pop-about-pop and self-reflexive fame anthems may become a fatal cul-de-sac--the sort of declinist concerns that made Retromania so doom-and-gloomy.
Bunlardan ilki, iki kutuplu sistemin dagilmasinin ardindan ABD'nin yeni sistemde kendi basina birakilmayacagini ve sistemdeki diger aktorler (Cin, Hindistan, Brezilya) tarafindan yeni bir sistemik guc dengesinin insa edilecegini savunan (declinist) gorustur.
Jackson debunks Churchillian myths with mixed results; he is less successful in discussing Churchill's 1930s positions on India and Edward VIII's abdication crisis but perhaps more so in attacking the declinist view of Churchill's second premiership.
The next book, Power and Willpower in the American Future (2012), challenged the declinist perspective and made the case for why the U.S.