decoction process

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Noun1.decoction process - (brewing) a process in which part of the mash is removed and boiled and then returned
brewing - the production of malt beverages (as beer or ale) from malt and hops by grinding and boiling them and fermenting the result with yeast
boiling - the application of heat to change something from a liquid to a gas
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The infusions or decoctions had generally higher ICAs as the extraction time was increased and decoction process mostly produced extracts with higher ICAs than infusion process by the way.
Infusion process especially for 10-minute extraction produced plant extracts with higher TPC stabilities than decoction process. Unlikely to TPC stabilities, FRSA stabilities of infusions and decoctions were mostly maintained or significantly increased during the storage however positive and moderate Pearson's correlation (0.631) was obtained between TPC and FRSA of infusions and decoctions (P<0.01).
The company reports that it has developed a two-stage single-vessel brewhouse, patent pending, for a modified decoction process. The company's larger micro-style brewhouses incorporate another design using a single hydraulic pump to operate all phases of the cycle.