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de·col·late 1

tr.v. de·col·lat·ed, de·col·lat·ing, de·col·lates
To behead.

[Latin dēcollāre, dēcollāt- : dē-, de- + collum, neck; see kwel- in Indo-European roots.]

de′col·la′tion n.

de·col·late 2

 (dĕk′ə-lāt′, dē-kō′-)
tr.v. de·col·lat·ed, de·col·lat·ing, de·col·lates
To separate the copies of (a multiple-copy computer printout, for example).

de′col·la′tor n.
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35) Burke recounts the story of the Turkish emperor, Muhammad II, who, having been shown by a painter "a fine piece of a decollated head of St.
The Turkish emperor, associated with terror and with the aesthetic pleasures that others' pain can bring (witness the decollated head of John the Baptist as a subject of painting), becomes Burke's most persuasive, forceful, astonishing example of the sublimity of taste--that is, of delicacy of taste gone wrong.