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tr.v. de·col·lec·tiv·ized, de·col·lec·tiv·iz·ing, de·col·lec·tiv·iz·es
To free from collective control.

de′col·lec·ti·vi·za′tion (-vĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Deng introduced the 'bottom up' approach to reforms by decollectivizing agriculture, and divided the lands of the 'Peoples Communes' into private plots, thereby making individual household responsible.
The past 30 years or so have seen Western governments involved in redrawing social and health policy by promoting enterprise, self-reliance and self-regulation, privileging market organization principles for private and public service provision, and deregulating and restructuring organizational units--in short, decollectivizing welfare.
36) By 1989, the government had eliminated the last vestiges of central planning(37) by decollectivizing agricultural land and removing price controls on most commodities.