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Noun1.decolonisation - the action of changing from colonial to independent status
group action - action taken by a group of people
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Inaugurant la session en sa qualite de Presidentpro tempore, le Secretaire general des Nations Unies, AntEnio Guterres, a declare que la decolonisation est un domaine qui lui tient a coeur et pour lequel il a reitere son engagement.
Came referred to posters by Tamaki Treaty Workers (a tauiwi group in Auckland) showing 10 suggested decolonisation actions for change by non-Maori Kiwis.
Decolonisation and the Pacific Indigenous Globalisation and the Ends of Empire.
Le ministere sahraoui des Affaires etrangeres a indique que la reaffirmation par l'ONU du droit inalienable du peuple sahraoui a l'autodetermination et la nature de la question du Sahara occidental en tant que question de decolonisation constituent un nouvel echec pour les tentatives du Maroc d'induire en erreur l'opinion publique internationale.
The National Treasury notes the allegations made by Mr Mzwanele Manyi and his Decolonisation Foundation against the Chief Procurement Officer on SABC recently.
Each chapter analyses the displacements and evasions by which the decolonisation of the Muslim world continues to be deflected and deferred, while the latter part of the book builds on this critique and attempts to accelerate the decolonisation of the Muslim Ummah.
Writings by Dutch military veterans of the decolonisation war in Indonesia (1945-1949) are abundant.
In one of your recent articles, you made reference to the fact that some of the key founding provisions for the OAU and its current sibling organisation the African Union (AU) are irrelevant to the current state of Africa's physical and economic decolonisation.
The politics of self-determination; beyond the decolonisation process.
Nor does he subscribe to the still too common and lazy view that political decolonisation in the region was a straightforward process of oppositional politics, first towards a declining European overlord, then to the emerging American assertiveness.
President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner chose to appear at the annual meeting of the little-known UN Decolonisation Committee on the 30th anniversary of Britain's ousting of an Argentinian invasion force from the Falklands, using the occasion to reiterate Argentina's opposition to any more wars and to criticise the prime minister's decision to mark the day by flying the Falklands flag over his official 10 Downing Street residence.
Mr Browne said: "Sometimes there is a narrative from Argentina - and the decolonisation committee is prompted by that narrative - that here is Britain, this big, global power, and poor Argentina, that is going to the decolonisation committee at the UN to try to have their voice heard, well that is the Argentinian narrative.