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Verb1.decolor - remove color from; "The sun bleached the red shirt"
discolor - cause to lose or change color; "The detergent discolored my shirts"
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These agents are also used as an additive in flour to decolor the yellowish appearance of the raw mill flour and make it ready for market supply.
KGaA, L'Oreal SA, Decolor Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Youngrace Cosmetic Co., Ltd., Foshan Shunde Modern Health Care Products Co., Ltd., Hoyu Co., Ltd., Savol Health & Beauty Hair Industry Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhang Guang Co., Inc, Guangdong Ruihu Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd., Others
Spotless, which sells products under brands including Eau Ecarlate, Vigor, Decolor Top and Dylon, was set up in 2005 after the purchase of French laundry and homecare products maker Eau Ecarlate.
BAP test is based on the ability of colored solution, containing ferric ([Fe.sup.3+]) ions adequately bound to special chromogenic substrate, to decolor when its [Fe.sup.3+] ions are reduced to ferrous ([Fe.sup.2+]) ions and it can be observed by adding a reducing system, that is, blood plasma as well.
decolor (Uhler), from which it can be distinguished by the larger size, denser silvery setae, and base of femur always pale.
A more modest specimen labelled "Vriesea psittacina variety decolor" was brought in from Paraguay by Al Mussel last year.
Negotiations are also continuing in Switzerland and Italy, the next targets for the development of the group's leading brands (Decolor Stop, Vu and Javel Dose).
Juvenal tells Ursidius that women's inconstancy and dishonesty mean that "You will perhaps become father to an Ethiopian baby, and a coloured heir, whom you should not see in the morning light, will fill all the places of your will": "esses / Aethiopis fortasse peter: mox decolor haeres / Impleret tabulas, nunquam tibi mane videndus" [599-601]).
This suggests that textile companies can use it to decolor water generated by the production of colored fabrics, Hudson says.