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tr.v. de·col·or·ized, de·col·or·iz·ing, de·col·or·iz·es
To remove the color from.

de·col′or·i·za′tion (-kŭl′ər-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
de·col′or·iz′er n.
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(diːˈkʌləˌraɪzə) or


1. (Colours) a substance that removes colour
2. (Crafts) a substance that removes the greeny-brown colour in glass that is caused by impurities
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Strain IFN4 was the most efficient RB-5 decolorizer as 92.5% decolorization was achieved in just 4 h of incubation under static condition.
The acid-fast nature of Nocardia is accurately demonstrated by a modified Kinyoun procedure which substitutes 1 percent sulfuric acid for acid alcohol as a decolorizer, which allows acid-fast Nocardia to retain fuchsin [19].
As Castellaniella denitrificans SA13P possess potential to degrade dye (Malachite Green), therefore may serve as potent dye decolorizer and bioremediating agent.
Decolorization was developed by placing the slides for 1 - 2 second in standard acid decolorizer.
Speed up your decolorizer. If you buy a kit which contains all the components for the Gram stain, the decolorizer is usually very slow.