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3, for 1[less than or equal to]i[less than or equal to][N.sub.t], the symbol-wise MSE metric [d.sub.i] of symbol [x.sub.i] can be decomposite into two tuples ([d.sub.i,I.sup.2], [d.sub.i,Q.sup.2]), where [d.sub.i,I.sup.2] and [d.sub.i,Q.sup.2] denote the in-phase component and quadrature metrics respectively and [d.sub.i] = [d.sub.i,I.sup.2] + [d.sub.i,Q.sup.2].
demonstrated photocatalytic activity of Ti[O.sub.2][6], it became the most popular material for photocatalysis applications that can be applied to decomposite of a large variety of organic and inorganic compounds into environmentally friendly compounds.
It is "the absolute noncomposite, and for that reason the absolute decomposite" (6).
The time complexity of evaluating Equ.11 is O(N x R), where N is the number of known data in the matrices, and R is the maxium rank of decomposite matrices.
The detailed procedure that decomposites the Lagrangian Relaxation Problem into several subproblems is described in the appendix.