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1. The act or result of decomposing; disintegration.
a. Chemistry Separation into constituents by chemical reaction.
b. Biology Breakdown or decay of organic materials.

de·com′po·si′tion·al adj.
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Adj.1.decompositional - causing organic decay
disintegrative - tending to cause breakup into constituent elements or parts
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Another, related, decompositional tendency is overindividualization.
Essentially, rule extraction algorithms belong to three categories: decompositional; pedagogical; and eclectic.
We derived the two-dimensional feature spaces of H and the Alpha decompositional components of these four surface cover types (Figure 8).
(2009), "Decompositional rule extraction from support vector machines by active learning", IEEE Transactions on Know edge and Data Engineering, Vol.
In a sternly sculptural, less overtly personal film installation such as Northern Dancer, 2014--currently part of the traveling British Art Show 8--Prodger's compositional, or decompositional, priorities are apparent: On the screens of four boxy, outmoded monitors, the names of racehorses flash--each one a hybrid of the animal's parents' names--while on the sound track, Prodger tells of how Gertrude Stein removed all appearances of the word may from her 1932 manuscript Stanzas in Meditation in order to eradicate any possible allusion to her former lover May Bookstaver.
CA is a decompositional methodology that allows the relative importance of the attributes of a product and the part worth utility values for each level of an attribute to be estimated.
Using a decompositional approach like conjoint analysis allows us to examine the trade-off among these factors that affect how fans choose ticket conditions.
These examples show that this decompositional etymographical technique was available to scribes in and out of commentary texts with both Diri and non-Diri signs.
A CA is a decompositional method that allows estimating the relative importance of the attributes of a product and the part worth utility values for each level of an attribute.