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tr.v. de·con·cen·trat·ed, de·con·cen·trat·ing, de·con·cen·trates
To make less concentrated or centralized.

de′con·cen·tra′tion n.
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(Commerce) to make or become less concentrated
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(diˈkɒn sənˌtreɪt)

v.t. -trat•ed, -trat•ing.
to decentralize.
de•con`cen•tra′tion, n.
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Verb1.deconcentrate - make less central; "After the revolution, food distribution was decentralized"
alter, change, modify - cause to change; make different; cause a transformation; "The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city"; "The discussion has changed my thinking about the issue"
federalise, federalize - put under the control and authority of a federal government
centralise, centralize, concentrate - make central; "The Russian government centralized the distribution of food"
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The groups also asked PH to limit the prime minister to two terms, amend laws to deconcentrate the PM's powers, hasten institutional reforms and reform the electoral system.
"We also are encouraging more mixed-income developments to boost income diversity and further deconcentrate poverty."
"A project like that allows us to deconcentrate poverty, and it also allows the developer to create economically diverse, sustainable communities."
In order to devolve some decision making authority to the district and local level, Alif Ailaan said the Punjab must 'invest much more effort to deconcentrate, devolve and decentralise its control over how schools are run in the province'.
The report further suggested the government to focus on some steps including immediate provision of middle and high schools across the province especially for girls, increase in education allocations, disbursement and utilisation with efficient spending, more efforts needed to deconcentrate, devolve and decentralise schools, annual school census including private schools, head teachers provision in all schools of the province, merit-based recruitment followed up with lifelong career planning and management.
The use of vouchers to assist families displaced by wide-scale public-housing demolitions and disasters such as Hurricane Katrina exemplifies that the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) never structured the program to address segregation, deconcentrate low-income persons, expand housing choice, or further fair housing.
This governance arrangement will deconcentrate state power from the institution of the presidency or central government and create myriad level of governance based on broad representation.
Since the later 1990, however, federal housing policy shifted from developing and managing affordable housing units to attempting to deconcentrate poverty in targeted communities by increasing its focus on issuing housing HCV to qualified households [3].
New rules designed to deconcentrate the investment of public funds in Bulgaria into private financial instituions have become effective.
Since about 65% of towns are at lower levels considering taking benefit from cultural services and facilities, on one hand, and cultural services and facilities are concentrated in some towns of provinces, on the other hand, deprived towns should be put in development priority in order to deconcentrate the problem and move at sustainable development route considering social justice component in regional planning.
Many Galvestonians preferred a system relying primarily on vouchers to "deconcentrate poverty and help the poor," Herz said.