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tr.v. de·con·cen·trat·ed, de·con·cen·trat·ing, de·con·cen·trates
To make less concentrated or centralized.

de′con·cen·tra′tion n.


(Commerce) the act of decentralizing or the state of becoming less concentrated in one area
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One of the main tasks of the mayor's office covers decentralization and deconcentration of its powers, mayor Kubanychbek Kulmatov said today at the round table discussion on the city's development.
3) has impacted negatively on the general trend toward the deconcentration of total throughput, while exhibiting a contrasting effect in terms of spatial concentration.
Souhail a souligne que cet objectif de partenarial soutient, au sein de l'administration de l'emploi, une demarche de globalisation visant a donner du sens, par la responsabilisation de ses acteurs, et plus generalement a la dynamique de deconcentration de la politique d'emploi.
Continuing his study of the deconcentration of poverty in US cities over the past 15 years, Goetz (urban and regional planning, U.
The Raykov cabinet also adopted new rules for deconcentration of public funds, mandating that only up to 25% of the resources of any given entity can be invested in a single financial institution.
2000), 'The politics of poverty deconcentration and housing demolition', Journal of Urban Affairs, 22 (2), 157-173.
Des les annees 1920, la necessite de trouver de nouveaux espaces pour loger les salles de classe et les laboratoires de l'Ecole superieure de chimie, noyau de la future Faculte des sciences, entrane la deconcentration des activites de l'Universite Laval a l'exterieur des murs ou elle a vu le jour.
This deepens democracy; it's not a matter of bringing power to the people, like the promise of liberal democrats, but rather of a real deconcentration of power," Deputy Ulises Daal, one of the drafters of the law, told BBC Mundo.
SCAP was to democratize, disarm, demilitarize, and implement economic reform (the deconcentration of the Japanese zaibatsu.
Administrative decentralization has three forms, namely: Deconcentration, Delegation and Devolution.
Negruzzi does not make any confusion between decentralisation and deconcentration, as one might consider at first glance, since these Directorates were basically provided with a true autonomous status towards the centre, functioning in the interest of the province, and not only in their own right to make decisions within an administrative form of de-concentration.