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v. de·con·di·tioned, de·con·di·tion·ing, de·con·di·tions
1. Psychology To cause (a conditioned response) to become extinct.
2. To cause to decline from a condition of physical fitness, as through a prolonged period of inactivity or, in astronauts, through weightlessness in space.
To lose physical fitness.


vb (tr)
to take away or cancel conditioned responses in (a person)


(ˌdi kənˈdɪʃ ən)

1. to diminish the physical strength or stamina of; weaken.
2. to diminish or eliminate the conditioned responses or behavior patterns of.
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All performed individualised endurance and resistance exercise training for up to two hours daily during space flight to prevent cardiovascular, bone and muscle deconditioning. They also received a saline infusion upon landing.
"We hypothesized that a moderate daily dose of RSV (150 mg/kg/day) would help mitigate muscle deconditioning in a Mars gravity analog," the researchers wrote in their ( study . 
Less physical activity can start a vicious cycle of progressive deconditioning that ends up worsening breathlessness.
It is designed for veterans age 65 and older who are at risk of functional decline because of deconditioning, chronic disease or limited mobility.
Objective: To determine the association between physical activity and cognition in age-related decline of college students and to find the correlation between physical activity with cardiovascular deconditioning.
"Then one day, I was unable to walk due to generalised weakness and severe muscle deconditioning," she said.
Zuhoor Saeed Al Ameri suffered generalised muscle weakness and severe muscle deconditioning following complications after surgery at one hospital.
They discuss the importance of early relationships and how emotional dysfunctions and illnesses occur, how Martin developed the concept of emotional conditioning, what emotional conditioning means for daily life, two roles that develop in terms of emotional conditioning, the reasons people misunderstand and miscommunicate with each other, conflicts in marriage due to emotional conditioning roles, why divorce occurs, the deconditioning process to help people overcome relationship and emotional problems, and how to decrease living on automatic.
A three-way approach to prehabilitation that is targeted toward improving nutritional status, exercise capacity, and worry reduction might ameliorate the postoperative outcomes and alleviate surgical stress-related deconditioning, thereby facilitating perioperative management.
Chea, 91, has chronic ailments, including back pain, and was described as 'frail' and at risk of 'deconditioning with a rapid decline of physical function'.