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tr.v. de·con·gest·ed, de·con·gest·ing, de·con·gests
To relieve the congestion of (sinuses, for example).

de′con·ges′tion (-jĕs′chən) n.
de′con·ges′tive adj.
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vb (tr)
to ease crowding or clogging in (an area)
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(ˌdi kənˈdʒɛst)

to relieve the congestion of.
de`con•ges′tion, n.
de`con•ges′tive, adj.
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vt. descongestionar.
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But, fortunately for us, with the passage of the administration of criminal justice law 2015, all sorts of the alternative to imprisonment and ways to decongest the prisons are embedded in that law which we have started implementing.
The bill also hopes to decongest the roads within the National Capital Region (NCR) and solve Metro Manila's traffic crisis.
This is part of the plan to decongest the city and attract investors.
We will deliver our commitments to decongest our major cities," Villar said.
Aside from helping decongest the thoroughfares of cities, he said using water transportation greatly aids in developing greater connectivity with other cities in a more efficient way.
Earlier, the government had asked DIAL to come up with a plan to decongest terminal 1D with a possibility of making it a cargo terminal.
The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), in its bid to further decongest the area facing the historic Red Fort, have created a plan to introduce trams on the road linking Red Fort with Fatehpuri Mosque and restrict vehicular traffic.
The construction of additional facilities in Sangley airport, which is being upgraded to handle generation aviation and commercial turboprop flights to help decongest Manila's busy air gateway, is almost halfway finished.
We have a statutory duty under the constitution to frequently decongest the prison.
The suspension came a day after thousands of city commuters walked long distances to their destinations as the county effected the ban in a bid to decongest the city.
Gordon, a member of the Senate majority bloc, made this analysis after the Senate recently passed on third and final reading Senate Bill 1997 or the Regional Investment and Infrastructure Coordinating Hub (RICH) of Central Luzon, which aims to bring in jobs and capital to the region and help decongest Metro Manila.