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tr.v. de·con·gest·ed, de·con·gest·ing, de·con·gests
To relieve the congestion of (sinuses, for example).

de′con·ges′tion (-jĕs′chən) n.
de′con·ges′tive adj.


vb (tr)
to ease crowding or clogging in (an area)


(ˌdi kənˈdʒɛst)

to relieve the congestion of.
de`con•ges′tion, n.
de`con•ges′tive, adj.


vt. descongestionar.
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The MMSS3 Project viaduct will connect the South Luzon Expressway and the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and intends to decongest main thoroughfares in Central Metro Manila area, particularly EDSA.
Aside from helping decongest the thoroughfares of cities, he said using water transportation greatly aids in developing greater connectivity with other cities in a more efficient way.
Expanding the capacity of the country's main gateway would be the main solution to decongest the NAIA,' she added.
We want to determine when these cases are going to be heard or consider dropping some petty offences to help decongest these facilities,' Ondari said.
The CLLEX, which originates from the connection of SCTEx and of TPLEx in Balincanaway, Tarlac City, is expected to decongest traffic in the Pan Philippine Highway by 48% and reduce travel time between Tarlac City and Cabanatuan City from 70 minutes to 20 minutes.
Therefore, we shall support the efforts of the Committee to decongest the prison'.
A dedicated massage gesture has been developed to smooth and decongest the eye contour, especially thanks to its cold massaging roller.
In order to achieve this, Poe said the government should seriously consider and push for outward development to decongest Metro Manila for the medium to long term.
To decongest traffic on Delhi roads, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has decided to construct a Regional Rapid Transit System corridor on NH 1 from Delhi to Panipat, and NH 8 from Delhi to Rewari via Gurugram and further towards Alwar.
The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) posted a series of tweets saying the diversion, in coordination with Qatar Rail and Traffic Police, has been"postponed" to decongest and bring traffic back to normal on Al Wakrah Street.
Even the new ramp failed to decongest the flyover and city police had to shut down one of the lanes due to excessive traffic.
The 70- km stretch from Dhaula Kuan to Manesar will decongest the NCR and ease traffic on NH- 8, offering great relief to airport passengers and lakhs of daily office- goers.