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tr.v. de·con·gest·ed, de·con·gest·ing, de·con·gests
To relieve the congestion of (sinuses, for example).

de′con·ges′tion (-jĕs′chən) n.
de′con·ges′tive adj.


vb (tr)
to ease crowding or clogging in (an area)


(ˌdi kənˈdʒɛst)

to relieve the congestion of.
de`con•ges′tion, n.
de`con•ges′tive, adj.


vt. descongestionar.
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This section of M-4 is another milestone in upgrading and decongesting the country's overburdened transport infrastructure.
The availability of Ro-Ro vessels is essential for the success of efforts to develop coastal shipping and decongesting roads and railways.
UNDERSECRETARY to the President Constantinos Petrides is finalising a plan to create three additional ministries with a view to decongesting and decentralising responsibilities from other Cabinet offices, while a project is underway to acquire e-government knowhow from champions Estonia, daily Politis reported on Friday.
Public transport like Metro or buses can be useful in decongesting roads," suggested Deenanath Harapanahalli, CEO and founder of an NGO named Atlanta foundation.
On a mission to banish my pores I've been testing the Clarisonic Deep Pore Decongesting Solution.
The opening of this stretch has been advanced by about six months as this stretch will help a lot in decongesting the busy Rajiv Chowk Metro Station as the commuters of the Badarpur- Central Secretariat Line bound for NOIDA and Vaishali will be able to change trains at Mandi House without changing trains twice at Central Secretariat and Rajiv Chowk.
It's great for circulation, decongesting and aiding digestion.
New CILT President Jim Steer FCILT has announced that decongesting city centres is key to economic growth and that the sector must collaborate more and look into new techniques in order to reduce traffic numbers.
The project when completed, will not only help in decongesting the roads of Qatar but will also facilitate a better transport linkage with other parts of the GCC," he said.
They've made the case for dualling the A1 to the border, decongesting Tyneside's Western bypass and upgrading the East Coast mainline because they know better than anyone how important that kind of investment is.
A mask with linseed, wheat germ and sun flower stimulates and enhances the action of the products applied during the treatment, while moisturising and decongesting Add a finishing touch with a manicure with top-of-the-range Jessica products.
Meanwhile, the toner has decongesting properties and can prolong the action of the cleansing milk.