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 (dĕk′ər-əs, dĭ-kôr′əs)
Characterized by or exhibiting decorum; proper: decorous behavior.

[From Latin decōrus, becoming, handsome, from decor, seemliness, beauty; see dek- in Indo-European roots.]

dec′o·rous·ly adv.
dec′o·rous·ness n.
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Noun1.decorousness - propriety in manners and conduct
correctitude, properness, propriety - correct or appropriate behavior
becomingness - the quality of being becoming
indecorousness, indecorum - a lack of decorum
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Conformity to recognized standards, as of conduct or appearance:
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It was like dragging a hideous shape of death into the cleanly and cheerful space before a household fire, where it would present all the uglier aspect, amid the decorousness of everything about it.
Facebook's interface comes with decorousness markers in the form of visible and trackable tools for evaluating statements through liking and sharing.
Woolf was speaking inappropriately when she wrote against the grain of the prevailing decorousness; she suffered from sour grapes, on behalf of her gender and her craft.
Blunt, who plays half her scenes looking like she's holding back tears (or screams), is a luminous actress who has been in need of a role that allows her to get past her slight decorousness, and this is it.
On the whole, "Call and Response"--which notably featured only one monochrome, Matt Connors's flamboyantly neon LARGE REAL BOTTOM [pink and black], 2015--came off as a base, even "underground," riposte to the OCD decorousness of what we call "Zombie Formalism."
the decorousness of the professional journalist's meticulously
For all its seeming decorousness, Moore's Octopus holds immense power in restraint, a power that is released at the poem's end in an avalanche, "with a sound like a crack of a rifle, / in a curtain of powdered snow launched like a waterfall" (Complete 75-76).This explosion at once does and doesn't come as a surprise, since in the preceding two-hundred-plus lines we have seen ample evidence of the octopus-poet's reach as she moves, in John Ashbery's words, "among excerpts from Ruskin, the Illustrated London News, the London Graphic, The National Parks Portfolio and a remark overheard at the circus, switching landscapes, language and levels with breathtaking abruptness, rising from botanical note-taking to pinpoint emblems of supernatural clarity that could be out of Shelley" (111).
A comparable desire to avoid Merchant Ivory decorousness motivated the steampunk allusions in Jekyll & Hyde.
Endless elaborations are delivered with a decorousness W.
With their ancient values of family honour, masculine courage and unflinching decorousness of behaviour, they were just as elemental as the physical landscape they inhabited.
There is no decorousness in Yiddish, nor much romance.