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also dé·cou·page  (dā′ko͞o-päzh′)
1. The technique of decorating a surface with cutouts, as of paper, and finishing with layers of lacquer or varnish.
2. A creation produced by this technique.

[French découpage, from découper, to cut up or out, from Old French descolper : des-, de- + colper, to cut (from colp, stroke; see coup).]


1. (Crafts) the art or process of decorating a surface with shapes or illustrations cut from paper, card, etc
2. (Crafts) anything produced by this technique
[C20: from French, from découper to cut out, from de- + couper to cut]


or dé•cou•page

(ˌdeɪ kuˈpɑʒ)

1. the art of decorating something with cutouts of paper, linoleum, plastic, or other flat material over which varnish or lacquer is applied.
2. work produced by decoupage.
[1955–60; < French]

decoupage, découpage

1. the art or technique of cutting out pictures or designs from paper or other material and applying them to a surface.
2. the work produced.
See also: Ornamentation


The decoration of a surface with shapes cut from paper or cardboard.
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Noun1.decoupage - art produced by decorating a surface with cutouts and then coating it with several layers of varnish or lacquer
art, fine art - the products of human creativity; works of art collectively; "an art exhibition"; "a fine collection of art"
2.decoupage - the art of decorating a surface with shapes or pictures and then coating it with vanish or lacquer
artistic creation, artistic production, art - the creation of beautiful or significant things; "art does not need to be innovative to be good"; "I was never any good at art"; "he said that architecture is the art of wasting space beautifully"
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Decoupage won a bumper and three hurdle races before switching to novice chases last season.
However, Grimes had a little in reserve and galloped clear from the last, beating the running-on Decoupage (7-1) by three and a half lengths.
Tuesday's Arkle Trophy could be another for the Corkman as he has the choice of the two market leaders - DECOUPAGE and BELLATOR.
The supplier married colors that included icy pastels, brights and soft mid-tones, to motifs such the garden, ginghams, dots and decoupage looks to create a range of styles.
Les belligerants tentent, chacun de son cote, d'etendre son influence dans certaines zones, dans la perspective du decoupage territorial du Yemen, appele a devenir un Etat federal.
There will be a variety of different activities to participate in, including drawing, mosaics, decoupage Easter Eggs, decorative gift boxes, cards for Easter and painting.
Since he won the Champion Four Year Old Hurdle at the Punchestown Festival three years ago, Grimes had never managed to fulfil his potential, until yesterday, when a change of tactics saw the 6-1 shot make virtually all and maintain a relentless gallop to beat Decoupage by three and a half lengths.
Take an old plastic lamp, for example, which can be made to look like a million dollars - literally - with a bit of decoupage, a posh name for pasting pieces of paper on to furnishings.
Eggshell art is as unique as each artist's individual tastes and preferences - techniques and styles range from Ukranian egg designs, decoupage, mosaic, beaded, intricate sceneries and even ostrich-shell jewelry boxes.
JIMMY McCarthy stood in for housemate and landlord Norman Williamson at Newbury as Decoupage won Europe's most valuable handicap hurdle race, the Tote Gold Trophy.
Selon une source de l'APC, un nouveau decoupage administratif est en preparation a Oran.
PEOPLE wishing to create unusual cards and gifts for Christmas are invited to join decoupage workshops at Bedworth Arts Centre, at the Civic Hall.