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tr.v. de·cou·pled, de·cou·pling, de·cou·ples
1. Electronics To reduce or eliminate the coupling of (one circuit or part to another).
2. Physics To decrease or eliminate airborne shock waves from (an explosion) by having it take place underground.
3. To separate or detach: "Bipeds have a potential advantage over quadrupeds in decoupling their breathing from their locomotion" (Craig Stanford).

de·cou′pler n.
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a person or device that disconnects parts that are joined
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The GM9 includes a Linear Inertial Decoupler to ensure reliable operation on recoil-operated handguns.
Dans son intervention, Mouline a rappele les 6 D de l'efficacite energetique a savoir decoupler les services rendus a l'energie consommee, decarbonniser, decentraliser, digitaliser et democratiser et developpement durable desirable.
Also known as a Linear Inertial Decoupler, or LID, the Nielsen device consists of a little piston that gives the nose of your pistol a modest tap with each round fired.
C'est la que nous nous ecarterons d'eux, anime par la volonte de ne pas decoupler la production du sens de la perception du monde ou, pour le dire autrement, de ne pas distinguer l'hermeneutique de la phenomenologie.
When primary loop flow exceeds secondary loop flow, a bidirectional flow meter in its decoupler piping indicates forward (positive) flow through the decoupler piping.
The function of the decoupler is to cancel out the effect of [U.sub.2] on [Y.sub.1].
Normally, control engineers decouple the process into four independent loops via a decoupler [2].
They also include a Nielson Device or Linear Inertial Decoupler (LID) for reliable use on Browning-inspired tilting lock handguns.
Some suppressor manufacturers deal with this problem by using a Nielsen Device, or Linear Inertial Decoupler (LID).
For the decoupler to be designed, the adequate input-output pairings are primarily determined through the evaluation of the system relative gains [16-19].