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1. An authoritative order having the force of law.
2. Law
a. The judgment of a court of equity.
b. The judgment of a court.
3. Roman Catholic Church
a. A doctrinal or disciplinary act of an ecclesiastical authority.
b. An administrative act applying or interpreting articles of canon law.
v. de·creed, de·cree·ing, de·crees
To order, establish, or decide by decree: decreed that the two kingdoms would be united.
To issue a decree.

[Middle English decre, from Old French decret, from Latin dēcrētum, principle, decision, from neuter past participle of dēcernere, to decide : dē-, de- + cernere, to sift; see krei- in Indo-European roots.]

de·cree′a·ble adj.
de·cre′er n.
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Mashahid is to witness with the heart the blessings of Allah at every station - to see, with one's inner sight, Allah's will as the Decreer of decrees and the Causer of causes.
C'est ce qui lui a permis decreer les œuvres les plus magnifiques que l'on sait, Al Harraz, Abou Hayane, Mahjouba, qui a permis a des groupes de musique d'exister comme Nass El Ghiwane, Jil Jilala ou Tagada, qui a forme un nombre incalculable de comediens et de techniciens de la scene.
Au cours de cette reunion, la presidence de l'ARP et la presidence dugouvernement ont convenu de tenir des seances de travail similaires et decreer une commission administrative mixte pour aplanir les difficultesadministratives et financieres.