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1. The act or process of decreasing or becoming gradually less.
2. The amount lost by gradual diminution or waste.
3. Mathematics The amount by which a variable is decreased; a negative increment.

[Latin dēcrēmentum, from dēcrēscere, dēcrē-, to decrease; see decrease.]

dec′re·ment′al (-mĕn′tl) adj.
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relating to a small amount that is taken away
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Cost reduction actions and the benefit of productivity initiatives resulted in a 38% decremental to segment adjusted EBITDA.
However, a decremental response to repetitive nerve stimulation was detected.
This ventilation mode was maintained for the CV group until the end of surgery, while in the PV group, 10 min after pneumoperitoneum, once a steady state had been reached, all patients were submitted to an RM using the sustained airway pressure obtained by the CPAP method and applying 30 cm [H.sub.2]O PEEP for 30 s followed by a decremental PEEP titration procedure directed by static pulmonary compliance (Cstat).
Self-help benefits that have been years in the making "have largely evaporated," while the "outsized decremental operating profit realized in the first quarter begs the question whether years of 3M footprint rationalization have actually made things worse," Inch tells investors in his downgrade note.
Conclusions: GLCCI1 deficiency in asthmatic mice inhibits the activation of GR and MKP-1 and leads to more obvious phosphorylation of p38 MAPK, leading to a decremental sensitivity to GCs.
(1992) Dynamics of ventilation, circulation, and gas exchange to incremental and decremental ramp exercise.
FS process follows a mechanism of detection which is focused into three categories such as: incremental, decremental, and random selection.
Fitch expects the impact on margins to be modest initially as benefits are partly offset by restructuring costs and by decremental margins associated with lower revenue in the Power segment, but long-term benefits should become more visible after 2019.
This was followed by a slow decrease in the difference, characterized by a decremental exponential function [valid from 50 s after application of the thermal stress (eq.
(1982) Quantal analysis of a decremental response at hair cell-afferent fibre synapses in the goldfish sacculus.