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of or relating to an official and final decision


(dɪˈkri tɪv)

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This is the second time that decretive cotton stalks sparked uproar this week.
Tenders are invited for remove all of the wood siding and trim including soffit, fascia, rakes, corners, post and beamwraps, window and door trim, building wrap and any other decretive wood trim.
40% of the business is residential with some decretive & specialty glass.
He gave a decretive to expedite establishing the Academy for Teachers Training and new education curriculums by adding a year to the basic school level.
But in the human world, we think that we can (or must) discriminate between God's decretive will and his permissive will.
However, the swap ratio close to 9: 1 appears to be ' value' decretive for the shareholders of Mahindra Satyam and ' value' accretive for the shareholders of Tech Mahindra," he added.