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ICC International Cannabis Corp (CSE:WRLD) (OTCMKTS:KNHBF) CEO David Shpilt joins Christine Corrado in the Proactive Investors New York studio to talk about his thoughts on the decriminalization of cannabis in the Empire State, and how these changing regulations are a signal that the industry is heading towards a more fully regulated framework
The decriminalization measure, Assembly Bill 5325, decriminalizes possession of up to two ounces of marijuana and replaces it with a $50 fine.
Waldstreicher's decriminalization legislation, Senate Bill 394, was prompted by the plea-bargained conviction in district court last year of a Caroline County man who tried to kill himself.
Journalists reiterate call to decriminalize libel !-- -- ( - February 18, 2019 - 12:35pm MANILA, Philippines Journalists are reiterating the call for the decriminalization of libel in light of a case that has led to the arrest of a high-profile journalist for cyberlibel.
This Influential Congressional Leader Is Set To Introduce A Decriminalization Bill
Clare Gerada, former chairwoman of the Royal College of General Physicians and a trustee of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service called the motion powerful and said that "the [British Medical Association] to be coming out absolutely overwhelmingly for the decriminalization of abortion" should mean that "politicians will have to stand up and listen and actually take action." A spokeswoman from the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales criticized the notion, asserting that "the decriminalization of abortion may put more vulnerable women at risk."
On June 27 delegates at the BMA annual representative meeting (ARM) voted to support the decriminalization of abortion.
"Ok," Tom thought, "Let's invite all the outspoken celebrities and Stars for Decriminalization to send photos and video clips for the Video 4 Decriminalization Day."
There are three viable policy alternatives for cannabis that can be observed worldwide: criminalization, decriminalization, and legalization (Pacula et al., 2005).
Members of the Parliament and representatives of judiciary and law enforcement agencies of Turkmenistan discussed decriminalization of parts of the criminal justice system at an OSCE-organized seminar that concluded in Ashgabat on August 19.
Of the 18 states that do not have a pot push underway this year, nine have already OKed either medical marijuana or decriminalization. Meanwhile, lawmakers on Capitol Hill are preparing bills that would drastically reduce drug-related federal sentences, provide legal clarity to banks lending to marijuana-related businesses, and lift the prohibition on industrial hemp.