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tr.v. de·crypt·ed, de·crypt·ing, de·crypts
1. To decipher.
2. To decode.
n. (dē′krĭpt′)
A deciphered or decoded message.

[de- + -crypt (from cryptogram).]

de·cryp′tion n.


vb (tr)
1. (Communications & Information) to decode (a message) with or without previous knowledge of its key
2. (Broadcasting) to make intelligible (a television or other signal) that has been deliberately distorted for transmission
[C20: from de- + crypt, as in cryptic]
deˈcrypted adj
deˈcryption n


(diˈkrɪpt, dɪ-)

to decode or decipher.
[1935–40; de- + crypt (ogram)]
de•cryp′tion, n.


To convert encrypted text into its equivalent plain text by means of a cryptosystem. (This does not include solution by cryptanalysis.) (Note: The term "decrypt" covers the meanings of "decipher" and "decode.") See also cryptosystem.


Past participle: decrypted
Gerund: decrypting

I decrypt
you decrypt
he/she/it decrypts
we decrypt
you decrypt
they decrypt
I decrypted
you decrypted
he/she/it decrypted
we decrypted
you decrypted
they decrypted
Present Continuous
I am decrypting
you are decrypting
he/she/it is decrypting
we are decrypting
you are decrypting
they are decrypting
Present Perfect
I have decrypted
you have decrypted
he/she/it has decrypted
we have decrypted
you have decrypted
they have decrypted
Past Continuous
I was decrypting
you were decrypting
he/she/it was decrypting
we were decrypting
you were decrypting
they were decrypting
Past Perfect
I had decrypted
you had decrypted
he/she/it had decrypted
we had decrypted
you had decrypted
they had decrypted
I will decrypt
you will decrypt
he/she/it will decrypt
we will decrypt
you will decrypt
they will decrypt
Future Perfect
I will have decrypted
you will have decrypted
he/she/it will have decrypted
we will have decrypted
you will have decrypted
they will have decrypted
Future Continuous
I will be decrypting
you will be decrypting
he/she/it will be decrypting
we will be decrypting
you will be decrypting
they will be decrypting
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been decrypting
you have been decrypting
he/she/it has been decrypting
we have been decrypting
you have been decrypting
they have been decrypting
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been decrypting
you will have been decrypting
he/she/it will have been decrypting
we will have been decrypting
you will have been decrypting
they will have been decrypting
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been decrypting
you had been decrypting
he/she/it had been decrypting
we had been decrypting
you had been decrypting
they had been decrypting
I would decrypt
you would decrypt
he/she/it would decrypt
we would decrypt
you would decrypt
they would decrypt
Past Conditional
I would have decrypted
you would have decrypted
he/she/it would have decrypted
we would have decrypted
you would have decrypted
they would have decrypted
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Verb1.decrypt - convert code into ordinary language
rewrite - write differently; alter the writing of; "The student rewrote his thesis"


To find the key to (a code, for example):


vt (Comput, Telec) → entschlüsseln
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At a news briefing, Marcos presented to the media photocopies of 'shocking' and 'highly questionable' printed ballot images from the decrypted secure digital cards from the provinces of Camarines Sur and Negros Oriental, which formed part of the pilot provinces in his election protest currently pending before the Supreme Court sitting as the Presidential Election Tribunal (PET).
In a resolution dated November 7, the SC, sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal, granted Robredo's "Urgent Ex-Parte Motion to be Allowed to Secure Soft Copies of the Ballot Images and Other Reports from the Decrypted Secured Digital Cards.
Marcos filed the motion after the PET allowed Robredo to have copies of ballots and other reports from the decrypted secured digital (SD) cards from Camarines Sur, Iloilo and Negros Oriental.
On Monday, Marcos' lawyer Victor Rodriguez revealed that 13 of the 26 SD cards decrypted by the Comelec were found to have folders containing data, despite having come from unused VCMs.
Data cannot be decrypted with the key used for matching, so sensitive information from multiple organizations can be matched in a cloud environment while preserving confidentiality, such as in linking examination information and diagnosis records among multiple hospitals, for example.
Once the DEK [data encryption key] is recovered, an attacker can read and decrypt any raw disk sector, revealing decrypted user data.
The tool dumps information from the keychain into a plain, decrypted XML file containing all records complete with all fields such as the URL, creation and last access time, login, password, and other relevant fields.
It has been on the page for over a month now and a Reddit user finally decrypted the code.
It does help for data theft, such as from spyware or lost media, as the encrypted data is meaningless unless it can be successfully decrypted.
Any reasonable doubts about the Rosenbergs' guilt should have been swept away by the 1995 release of decrypted Soviet spy cables from the 1940s, including details of the Rosenbergs' espionage activities--evidence gleaned from a secret U.
More important, we know nothing at all about how the few men who did have access to the tens of thousands of decrypted cables actually used them or understood them.
CLS is fully OpenPGP and PKI compliant ensuring integration with existing systems, Incoming OpenPGP files are automatically verified and decrypted.