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 (dĭ-kŭs′āt′, dĕk′ə-sāt′)
tr. & intr.v. de·cus·sat·ed, de·cus·sat·ing, de·cus·sates
To cross or become crossed so as to form an X; intersect.
1. Intersected or crossed in the form of an X.
2. Botany Arranged on a stem in opposite pairs, at right angles to those above or below: decussate leaves.

[Latin decussāre, decussāt-, from decussis, the number ten, intersection of two lines (from the Romans' use of X for the numeral 10), a ten-as coin : decem, ten; see dekm̥ in Indo-European roots + assis, as (coin).]

de·cus′sate′ly adv.
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The central spike bears its spikelets in whorls of two pairs: the pairs are 4-ranked and decussately arranged (at right angles to adjacent pair) on the spike (Table 1; Brown and Anderson, 1947).
decussately opposite dimerous whorls form a superficially tetramerous
flowers are essentially dimerous, consisting of spikes of decussately