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One to whom something, such as a literary work, is dedicated.
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(ˌdɛd ɪ kəˈti)

a person to whom something is dedicated.
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Wilson was the dedicatee of Reflections on a Sixteenth Century Tune for string orchestra and all sections are clearly and lovingly delineated.
In his quest to expand the repertoire for clarinet, Georgiou has embarked on numerous collaborations with esteemed composers from all over the world, becoming the dedicatee of a great number of new compositions.
He is a dedicatee and first performer of the works written by contemporary composers such as Jalal Abbasov, Rufat Ramazanov, Khadija Zeynalova, Rahilia Hasanova, Dmitri N.
This is signed in a courtly manner and all according to convention: "Your honour's in all duty, WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE." The life of the poet is and is not the life of the poem, and how it is made and received become part of a convention of the begging author to the magnanimous and honorable patron or dedicatee, so that we can see that Shakespeare makes appeals to childbirth and harvest as to the world, but also creates intricate plays on words like "honour" and "wish" to make and erase his tracks as a person and an artist.
Sharp would have made a far more fitting dedicatee for "Emma" than the licentious prince regent.
But, given the quality and variety of the company, the reader's promise that the volume itself will be widely esteemed by established and emerging researchers alike--whether because or in spite of the long-standing esteem in which its dedicatee has been held--seems assured.
He was honored as the Yearbook Dedicatee in 2002 and received the Lemann Award in 2009.
In my role as Executive Director, it will be my pleasure to work with the ICEA Board of Directors, and our dedicatee staff to achieve the mission and goals set forth for this professional organization.
Tristesse d'Olympio's single source is an unattributed scribal copy (in E minor), believed to be in the hand of Adam Laussel, the dedicatee. Howat and Kilpatrick's critical notes list various textual issues (including haphazard capitalization, absent punctuation, text changes), as well as possible variants requiring editorial adjustment in mm.
She was the dedicatee of Bartolomeo Carli Piccolomini's translation of book 4 of the Aeneid, Mariano Lenzi's publication of the first printed edition of Leone Ebreo's Dialoghi d'amore, and the dialogue, Dulpisto, written by Antonio Vignali, the founder of the Academy of the Intronati, in addition to numerous appearances in other works by her contemporaries and the lengthy eulogy composed for her by Alessandra Piccolomini.
These overviews are succinct--usually not more than two or three pages in length--and typically discuss the poem and poet, settings by other composers, Rachmaninoff's connection to the poem and dedicatee, notable recordings and the music itself.