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1. The act of dedicating or the state of being dedicated.
2. A note prefixed to a literary, artistic, or musical composition dedicating it to someone in token of affection or esteem.
3. A rite or ceremony of dedicating.
4. Selfless devotion: served the public with dedication and integrity.

ded′i·ca′tive, ded′i·ca·to′ry (-kə-tôr′ē) adj.


(ˈdɛd ɪ kəˌtɔr i, -ˌtoʊr i)

also ded•i•ca•tive

(-ˌkeɪ tɪv)

pertaining to or serving as a dedication.
References in classic literature ?
But a kind of continuation of the Tales of my Landlord had been recently attempted by a stranger, and it was supposed this Dedicatory Epistle might pass for some imitation of the same kind, and thus putting enquirers upon a false scent, induce them to believe they had before them the work of some new candidate for their favour.
After other interesting exercises, including an invocation from Bishop Nelson, of Georgia, a dedicatory ode by Albert Howell, Jr.
The music for the occasion was provided by the Cardiff Transport Band and, after the National Anthem, the Bishop of Llandaff said a dedicatory prayer.
Joined by former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf during the dedicatory ceremony, President Weah promised his Government's continued support to the Judicial Branch of Government and expressed his commitment to ensure that the rule of law remains a cardinal component of his administration.
Joined by former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf during the dedicatory ceremony, President Weah called on judicial actors to ensure justice is dispensed fairly irrespective of gender, creed of status.
3) (3), giving the necessary authorization for his lofty poetic inventions and 'strange' elocution, as he defines it, through the practice of glossing and composing dedicatory epistles.
Prynne initiated the correspondence by writing to Olson in November 1961 in search of work for Prospect, a small literary magazine published in Cambridge, England, says Dobran, and also closed it with a dedicatory epigraph to Fire Lizard, a short poem sequence written on New Year's Day 1970 that reached Olson just days before his death.
By including pro-women topoi popularized by the querelle des femmes tradition in both her dedicatory letter to Anna Jagiellon and a second dedicatory letter to her readers, Erculiani calls for educational reform and more access to scientific learning for women.
The Epistle Dedicatory that opens The Prince is addressed from "Niccolo Machiavelli to the Magnificent Lorenzo Medici," who happens to be not the famed Lorenzo the Magnificent but a lesser descendant.
Lt Col Maurice M L Bell unveiled the dedicatory tablet, which records the names of the fallen and the roll of honour tablet, which records the names of those who had also served.
He was then able to get Marquez to sign a dedicatory note and says the true value of the book is sentimental.
Are they two sister saints, or do they represent the ecclesia ex circumcisione and the ecclesia ex gentibus, which are clearly identified in the surviving dedicatory inscription in the church of Santa Sabina, completed just a few years later?