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A few rows of figures are enough to deduce misery from, and a few more will show the rate at which the political determination of the people is growing."
That is an idea, now: write it out in the `Pioneer.' Put the figures and deduce the misery, you know; and put the other figures and deduce-- and so on.
Indeed it was not difficult to reconcile to the rule of right an action which it would have been impossible to deduce from the rule of wrong.
"The ideal reasoner," he remarked, "would, when he had once been shown a single fact in all its bearings, deduce from it not only all the chain of events which led up to it but also all the results which would follow from it.
As to what it was he feared, we can only deduce that by considering the formidable letters which were received by himself and his successors.
It would have been a coup-de-maitre had he deduced what I would deduce and acted accordingly."
If we will arbitrarily suppose the contrary, we may deduce any inferences we please from the supposition; for it is certainly possible, by an injudicious exercise of the authorities of the best government that ever was, or ever can be instituted, to provoke and precipitate the people into the wildest excesses.
You have made inquires into the history of my unhappy brother, and you now pretend to deduce this knowledge in some fanciful way.
Summary: Melbourne [Australia], July 8 (ANI): As Australia white-washed England in a three-match ODI series on Sunday, England skipper Heather Knight said she is looking to have 'honest conversations' with the team to deduce reasons for their loss.
Logistic regression using the enter technique was used to deduce formulae linking the two most correlated indices.
We then deduce the existence of solutions to singular equations driven by a FBM in Section 4, which is also a generalisation of [11].
Although not explained, I deduce that one bin is for rubbish and the other - for what?