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1. Of or based on deduction.
2. Involving or using deduction in reasoning.

de·duc′tive·ly adv.


[dɪˈdʌktɪvlɪ] advdeduttivamente
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Certainly the religious and moral ideas of the Dodsons and Tullivers were of too specific a kind to be arrived at deductively, from the statement that they were part of the Protestant population of Great Britain.
The metaphysician reasons deductively out of his own subjectivity.
It explains how to develop, organize, and synthesize information and analytic results, so that different sections of the writing are connected; present the results of an analysis as persuasively as possible; write deductively, with strong topic sentences and precise wording; write focused, unified, and coherent paragraphs and sentences; choose words that communicate precisely and directly; and develop effective graphics.
To generalize, a mathematical sentence can perform the function of helping us deductively organize our thoughts about the concrete world.
In this case, they performed a macroscopic study of the resulting bone degradation and could deductively link their findings to the action of termites by examining their nest remains and characteristic materials of this type of insect.
The interview data were analysed deductively (Thomas, 2006), allowing themes to emerge following the interview schedule.
8, I am fraught with fear of a potential Donald Trump victory at the hands of non-thinking malcontents - an electorate unable or unwilling to deductively reason the death-wish ramifications of such an event.
In this section, the inevitability of the proposition will be deductively explained showing the cause and effect relationships.
In other words, there is a potential in a Japanese company to enhance the overall corporate value exponentially by thoroughly studying sophisticated universal management skills and deploying them deductively in actual management.
As we teach students in introductory logic courses, deductively sound doxastic reasoning is just deductively valid doxastic reasoning from true premises.
moves deductively, presenting an overview of the general potential of ancient fiction to bear philosophical ideas.
Strategy does not come from the ground up; instead, tactics flow deductively once we've defined the ultimate objectives.