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Can you deduplicate data once it's on your platform?
That includes the ability to discover, analyze, monitor, retain, collect, deduplicate and dispose of data.
The solution can process 10 million to 50 million records per hour, and allows users to deduplicate files in different formats at the same time, including dBase, Xbase, ASCII, Excel, and SQL, without the need to manipulate them so they are in the same format.
Organisations can deduplicate everywhere while centralising management to reduce time and cost of operations.
This partnership provides law firms and corporate legal departments the ability to use Wave Software's Trident product to process and deduplicate emails, then use CaseLogistix to review and produce emails in their native format in response to discovery, SEC, NASD/SRO and DOJ requests.
Processes can be deployed that parse, standardize, correct, enhance, match, and deduplicate data from virtually any source.
Ex Libris and MuseGlobal, for their respective federated search engine services, MetaLib and MuseSearch, which, with a single query, provide the best features of searching multiple databases on multiple hosts, then merge and deduplicate the results.
HP's StoreOnce Catalyst software for the HP StoreOnce B6200 backup system enables users to deduplicate data on application or backup servers before the data is transferred across the storage network.
Deduplicate information at the source, delete information according to policy.
According to the company, the new disk-based platform will enable BakBone's customers to centralise their data protection operations, even with third party applications, while offering the ability to deduplicate their data using the company's technology or third party deduplication technology.
Key benefits of D2D dynamic deduplication:* Maximizes disk space via synchronous backup operations that deduplicate data as it is stored to the disk.