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n. Informal
A disc jockey.

[Pronunciation of DJ.]


(Pop Music) an informal name for disc jockey
[C20: from the initials DJ]


(or disk′) jock`ey

a person who selects, plays, and often comments on recorded music, as on a radio program or at a discotheque. Abbr.: DJ
[1940–45, Amer.]


[ˈdiːdʒeɪ] Npinchadiscos mf inv


n (inf)Discjockey m
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Dubbed "Hip Hop 2 da Head," it represented all aspects of hip-hop culture: visual art (including graffiti), rap (hip-hop poetry), deejay virtuosity, and dance.
It's not that he's such a loud talker--Nifty Nicholas is a deejay for Radio AAHS, and his voice is carried through the airwaves to thousands of young listeners.
Disc Jockeys On Call, a Bethesda based deejay company that provides entertainment for wedding and events, has seen their business grow exponentially over the past few years, defying all economic indicators.
Washington, March 25 ( ANI ): Hugh Hefner's wife Crystal has proved that she has more than just good looks, as she showed off her deejay skills at Playboy's annual Mansion Masquerade party on Saturday.
Anyone notice that former Major Leader Deejay Not been-in court's got the spin going to explain the Dem tsunami?
Both were five-year-olds and Mullins saddles another from that age-group today in Doctor Deejay (the mount of jockeys' title-race leader Paul Townend) and Lilywhitedancer.
23, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- SMIRNOFF, the world's best-selling vodka, announced NYC-based deejay and producer, DJ Scratch, as the winner of the brand's first ever reality television show, Master of the Mix.
A flat track and a strong pace, affording Walsh the opportunity to switch off his mount, should ideally suit Deejay, and he gets a tentative vote in a tricky handicap.
You just can't deejay about guns all the day of yuh life, and you can't deejay about girls alone all the days of yuh life.
Among them was little Deejay Badger who arrived at Birmingham Women's Hospital at just after 1am.
But it was his work prior to becoming a deejay that made him stand out from the crowd.
Justice vs Simian Never Be Alone (Hell remix)DJ Hell plays at Deejay Gigolo presents The Lets F*** Rock Tour is at the Arches, Glasgow, on Saturday.