deep brown

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Noun1.deep brown - a medium brown to dark-brown colordeep brown - a medium brown to dark-brown color  
brown, brownness - an orange of low brightness and saturation
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Her face was lined, her hair of a deep brown plentifully besprinkled with grey.
For a moment the deep brown eyes of the elder and the light gray eyes of the younger looked into each other with steady, unyielding scrutiny on either side.
She had raven black hair and deep brown eyes, which found a way at once to the poet's heart.
Except for a loin cloth, the man was naked, his smooth skin tanned to a deep brown by the action of sun and wind.
Most of the thirty or so little tables covered by red cloths with a white design stood ranged at right angles to the deep brown wainscoting of the underground hall.
Her hair was a rich deep brown, but shading that face, and straying upon a neck that rivalled it in whiteness, it seemed by the strong contrast raven black.
O'Connell said both malts deliver a deep brown to black color tones without bitter or astringent notes.
children: dead quarries with deep brown pools, bramble thickets, popped
The result is a deep brown, molasses-like material of dubious value.
She died in 2002 Miss Fields wore a deep brown coat and she sang Sally to the waiting crowds.
Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in BlackCocoa (pounds 9.50) Verdict: Urban Glide-Crash A deep brown colour, this has smooth application which can be smudged at will.
PIXI ENDLESS SILKY EYE PEN IN BLACKCOCOA (pounds 9.50) A deep brown colour, this has smooth application which can be smudged at will.