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Adj.1.deep-mined - of coal, as contrasted with coal obtained from a strip mine; "deep-mined coal"
mined - extracted from a source of supply as of minerals from the earth
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In executing the Hydraulic Air Compressor Demonstrator Project, participating companies agreed to set up a way to measure and verify the electricity savings potential of modernized HAC technology for deep mining applications.
Anew attraction at Dynamic Earth in Sudbury is bringing a century-old invention to the modern age with the aim to reduce the costs of deep mining.
Mini-pits may still exist in the former coalfields, but large-scale deep mining, on which Britain's industrial revolution was built and which once employed a million men (and boys, and women), is virtually finished.
What I would like to ask your columnist is what was on offer to the miners - was it an invitation to Downing Street to meet Margaret Thatcher to have tea and biscuits or to have told the truth of the decimation of the deep mining industry in Wales that even today mining villages in the South Wales Valley have not recovered from?
The leisure complex Active Lifestyle Resort, which is planned near Widdrington in Northumberland, could do the same for this area, which has lost its deep mining jobs, the Alcan smelter plant, upgraded access roads, car parking facilities and the Widdrington train station.
The Marlin Class underwater pump mining dredge manufactured by DSC Dredge LLC is designed to meet the needs of deep mining and aggregate deposits by providing a more efficient tool for material excavation.
Technology: Peterstow's new drilling systems for hard rock deep mining use less than 0.
An insider said: "It is well known that the Scottish Government has looked at deep mining but they are serious about plans for Canonbie and Longannet.
Coal prices rose 15 per cent last year, helping the firm's four deep mining operations make pounds 10 million of underlying profits during the six months to December 31.
Deep mining in the area stopped in 1973, leaving the land ravaged.
The cost of extracting the coal by conventional deep mining is too high and opencast extraction would run into opposition.