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A Scottish deerhound.


(Animals) a very large rough-coated breed of dog of the greyhound type

Scot′tish deer′hound

one of a Scottish breed of large, tall dogs with a long head and neck, small ears, and a medium-length rough coat, orig. developed for hunting deer.
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Noun1.deerhound - very large and tall rough-coated dog bred for hunting deerdeerhound - very large and tall rough-coated dog bred for hunting deer; known as the royal dog of Scotland
hound, hound dog - any of several breeds of dog used for hunting typically having large drooping ears


[ˈdɪəhaʊnd] Ngalgo m (para cazar venados), galgo m escocés (de pelo lanoso)
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Nig, equally friendly, though less demonstrative, was a huge black dog, half bloodhound and half deerhound, with eyes that laughed and a boundless good nature.
Other famous British breeds including the King Charles spaniel, the Scottish deerhound and the miniature bull terrier are already on the list - as well as the Cardigan Welsh corgi, which saw just 118 registrations in 2014.
A steam yacht, SS Deerhound, owned by a Mr Lancaster, and a member of the Royal Mersey Yacht Club, Rock Ferry, picked up Alabama's 43 survivors.
I walk my labrador, Lester, every day with a big deerhound and they both like to rough and tumble.
Finn, a Scottish Deerhound, has become part of the family.
The breeds most commonly affected are golden retriever, doberman pinscher, irish setter, miniature schnauzer, dachshund, shetland sheepdog, cocker spaniel, airedale terrier, labrador retriever, greyhound, scottish deerhound and others.
To put it in perspective, Sayles and Gus were competing in a show whose previous participants have included England's Queen Victoria and her deerhound, who competed in 1887, and Russian Czar Nicholas II and his Siberian wolfhound, who are listed in the 1889 competition catalog.
Russian Borzoi (Russia), English Greyhound (UK), Irish Wolfhound (Ireland), Polish Greyhound (Poland) and Scottish Deerhound (UK) are thus big-sized hounds.
Jimmy the Deerhound featured last time still needs a home.
This is the story of Alfie, the young deerhound who, when left with a dog-sitter, runs away and gets lost.
A massive Irish deerhound greeted us as we entered the former farmhouse, parts of which are thought to date back 800 years.