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tr.v. de·fat·ted, de·fat·ting, de·fats
To remove fat from: had to defat the chicken stock.
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vb (tr)
to remove the fat from (a substance)
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v.t. -fat•ted, -fat•ting.
to remove the fat from.
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Verb1.defat - remove the fat from
get rid of, remove - dispose of; "Get rid of these old shoes!"; "The company got rid of all the dead wood"
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The price of processed meat through defatting systems increases the overall meat price.
Summary: The price of processed meat through defatting systems increases the overall meat price.
Taking into account the high lipid contents, baru almond defatting brings about an increase in the protein content, which can be used for the production of several products since the proteins contribute for increasing the nutritional and functional value and the technological properties of the food system (Wang et al., 1999; Ribeiro & Seravalli, 2007).
The purpose of the research is to the evaluate the effect of fermentation and defatting process on the chemical properties, In-Vitro protein digestibility and functional properties of the protein isolate of Vigna radiata.
Untreated PLA and PNSP biocomposites, or biocomposites subjected to the defatting process, were prepared by means of extrusion and characterized.
Defatting of oilseeds prior to use in food formulations can enhance the storage stability of the products.
Extraction with reflux: Dry powder (30 g) of seeds was refluxed with 100 mL of n-hexane for defatting and this defatted powder was extracted with ethanol and methanol solvents.
To compare analytical results concerning the heavy metals content, the area of the experiment plots was irrigated and fertilized separately by mixed raw wastewaters after their defatting and by pretreated ones.
Reducing de-hulled cocoa beans to powder including the step of defatting;
Protein concentration in Crude seed extracts Defatting Abbreviation Average agent/alcohol of crude protein conc.
Taking advantage of higher speed and higher torque means applications such as defatting hams and defatting pork loins are easier, less challenging and less fatiguing to undertake.