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The Parasolid support lets users repair or defeature individual parts in an assembly, which cuts the time spent meshing Parasolid geometry directly.
"In order to avoid file corruption between systems, we were having to defeature CAD models to such an extent that the FEA results lacked an adequate level of accuracy" said Prasad Mangalaramanan, the lead computer-aided engineering specialist at the Dana Corp.
Adriana claims a similar kind of physical transformation, but, in her case, her metamorphosis renders her emotional character legible; she insists that "my defeatures; my decayed fair" reflects her own sorrowful disposition (2.1.98).
The Canterbury Tales may be seen to have been the production of a serene, a cheerful and contented mind, buffeted by the world, but not broken, and carrying off from all its defeatures and misadventures whatever is most valuable in man.